Our Regiment

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Our Regiment by Henry Hamilton, an English playwright, lyricist and actor, was staged from the 13th to 15th December, 1894, by the Port Elizabeth Dramatic Club under the direction of Henry Sims. Starring Mr Lloyd as Mr Dobbinson, Val Davies as Mr Ellaby, Henry Sims as Captain Featherston of the Royal Sussex, G Hamilton-Lane as Lieut. Guy Warrener of the Royal Sussex, J Holmes ??? as Rev John Talbot, David Buchanan as Batters-Dobbinson’s servant, Miss Dyason as Mrs Dobbinson, Miss Hirsch as Olive, her daughter, A Ellen Edwards as Enid Thurston, Dobbinson’s ward. Leader of the orchestra was Percival Quarterman, Waltham Baker conducted the band and Harry Hirsch was business manager.

February 1901: The play was again staged in the Port Elizabeth Opera House, by the Joseph Ashman Company by arrangement with Leonard Rayne.


Original production program. December 13, 1894.