Nonkel en de Jukebox

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Nonkel en de Jukebox is a Flemish play by Tone Brulin.

The original text

It was first played by the Nederlands Kamertoneel in Antwerpen. 6 March, 1958, directed by Tone Brulin.

Translations and adaptations

Translated into English as Uncle and the Jukebox by Brulin (?) (some sources have Uncle Joe and the Jukebox or Uncle and the Juke Box).

South African productions

1959: Produced in English as Uncle and the Jukebox by National Theatre Organisation in the NTO Kamertoneel theatre on 20 February , directed by Tone Brulin with Ivor van Rensburg, Bella Mariani, Ralph Bennitt, Michael Fisher, Tanya Barron, Warren Sands, Ivor Kruger and Jocelyn de Bruyn.


Lantern, 9(2):192-197. Dec 1959.

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