New Wave Theatre Company

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The New Wave Theatre Company was started in 1999 by Deon Opperman, director of AFDA, with his students. They opened their own venue, the New Wave Theatre in Milpark, Johannesburg.


In August 1999 Deon Opperman told Artslink: "The New Wave Theatre Company was created as a platform for the work of young professional theatre practitioners. They have budgets (albeit limited) and they are expected to write, direct, act and produce the work themselves. The ultimate aim is for this company to generate independent, self-determined young entrepreneurs of the theatre, who do not wait around for work to come their way, but who are capable of creating their own projects on a continued and sustained basis. This is the NWTC's first year. In the years to come I believe that this company will make a name for itself as the premiere launching pad for great theatre innovators of the future. They are young, they are passionate and they are out there in the profession fighting for themselves."