Neville Engelbrecht

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Neville Engelbrecht. Designer, dancer, stage- and theatre manager and director.



Born and raised in Germiston.


Trained in ballet and fine arts. He studied drama at the Pretoria Technikon but joined PACT before completing his sudies.


Joined PACT’s Windybrow Theatre in Johannesburg as a stage manager. Later moved to the State Theatre in Pretoria, where he remained till 1995. In 1996 he joined the Baxter Theatre as resident stage manager and in 1999(?) became the production manager for the newly founded Gauloises Warehouse Theatre in Cape Town and in 2000 became the co-director of the Imago Art-Theatre Company.

Contribution to SA theatre, film, media and/or performance

Among the plays he has directed are Coloured Son X (Baxter Theatre, 1998), Ancient Shapes and Butcher Girls (Vita Dance Indaba 1999), Soft Serve @ Sang (Public Eye, 1999). Salaam Stories, Happy Endings are Extra.

He was the stage manager for Beautiful Thing (1995) and designed the costumes for Glassroots (2000).

He considers his involvement with Sorrows and Rejoicings, his co-operation with Antony Sher in Primo and his work with Janet Suzman in Hamlet as highlights in his career.

Awards, etc


NELM catalogue.

Die Burger, 12 October 2005.

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