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A prominent political party in South Africa, The National Party (Afrikaans: Nasionale Party) or NP (with its members sometimes known as Nationalists or Nats) was originally set up in 1914 by J.M.B. Hertzog to promote his “two stream” policy and his anti-imperialist notion of “South Africa first”. It had a first term from 1924-1934, when it merged with Jan Smuts's South African Party in 19**, to become the United Party.

Resurfaced in 1948 when a splinter group led by malan and old stalwarts fought and won the election and thus became the governing party of South Africa from 4 June 1948 until 9 May 1994. Its policies included apartheid, the establishment of a republic, and the promotion of Afrikaner culture. Since 1994 the party has been involved in conservative politics but was dissolved and reunited into the New National Party, which then merged with the African National Congress in 2005.

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