Nasionale Saal

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(The "National Hall") A hall in Pretoria. Also called the Nasionale Klub Saal or Nasionale Klubsaal ("National Club Hall")

A hall belonging to the Nederlandse Vereniging ("Dutch Society") in Pretoria and used for meetings, concerts and performances.

As a theatre venue it was for example used by the Kristelike Jongeliedevereniging in the 1920s. They did a number of plays there over the years, notably Jan F.E. Celliers's Heldinne van die Oorlog ("Heroines of the War") in the Nasionale Saal on 10 October 1924 and Jonge du Pree on 15 October 1924. Also used by professionals, such as Paul de Groot who performed Saul by W.J. Pienaar there in 1925, with a number of actors from Volksrust.


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