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Mrs Johnson (17**-18**) was an amateur actress in Cape Town.

Her contribution to South African theatre

She performed for the Garrison Amateur Company and among her roles for them were "Lady Duberly" in The Heir at Law (Colman Jr) and "Mrs Hilary" in Love, Law and Physic (Kenney) on 16 August 1826.

A number of benefit performances were done for her (and other lady performers) between 1824 and 1827 by the company, entertainments in which they presumably also participated. Among those dedicated to Mrs Johnson were: On 2 November 1824 The Irishman in London (Macready) and The Poor Gentleman (Colman Jr); on 2 September 1826 Speed the Plough (Morton) and Sharp and Flat (Lawler); and on 5 September 1827 She Stoops to Conquer (Goldsmith) and Bombastes Furioso (Rhodes).


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