Mr Whiley

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(17**-18**) Actor (possibly semi-professional) and singer. He was a member of and acted in productions for three Cape Town amateur companies, namely English Theatricals, All the World's a Stage and the English Amateur Company. He was apparently , along with H. Booth, considered a key member of All the World's a Stage company.

Had roles in many productions, and sang comic songs. Among specific the productions mentioned by the sources are The Miller's Maid (5 June, 1830), The Innkeeper of Abbeville and The Two Galley Slaves, etc (12 November, 1831)

He was highly regarded as a "humorist", and the status he had is reflected in the fact that he had 4 benefit performances dedicated to him over the years (Father and Sons and Sharp and Flat (26 June, 1826); twice in 1833 - The Pilot, or Tales of the Sea , The Illustrious Stranger, or Married and Buried, various songs and The Gambler's Fate (6 May 1833); The Iron Chest, The Actress of all Work and St. Patrick's Day (11 November 1833) ; The Gambler's Fate and Mr Thompson (25th May, 1835).


Bosman, 1928: pp 200-227; 370-385

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