Mr Hanson

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Mr Hanson (17**-18*) was possibly a member of the British garrison in Cape Town, and an amateur actor.

He is also referred to as Mr Hanson, Snr, since he was the father of Mr H. Hanson (also known as Mr Hanson, Jr).

A valued and longer term member of the Garrison Amateur Players, he was a comic actor who appeared to acclaim as "Dr Ollapod" in The Poor Gentleman (4 and 12 October 1822); as "Gabriel Lackbrain" in Life (Reynolds) and "The Drunkard" in The Irish Tutor (4 and 22 September 1824); "Sir Christopher Cranberry" in Exchange No Robbery (8 October, 1825), "Doctor Pangloss" in The Heir at Law and "Lubin Log"/"Andrew" in Love, Law and Physic (16 August 1826).


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