Morrison Gampu

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Morrison Gampu (b. 04/12/1903 – d. **/**/****) was a South African actor.


Beran Morrison Gampu was born in or near Cathcart in the Eastern Cape in 1903. He was the father of actor Ken Gampu and it was through his son that he came to play the role of the tribal leader in Cornel Wilde’s The Naked Prey (1973). Though employed as a government interpreter, he continued to take occasional roles in movies. On stage he appeared in a revival of Athol Fugard’s No-Good Friday (1970).


The Naked Prey (Cornel Wilde/1965), Majuba: Heuwel van Duiwe / Majuba: Hill of Doves (David Millin/1968), Death of a Snowman / Black Trash (Christopher Rowley/1976), Good Climate, Friendly Inhabitants (uc) (TV) (Lynton Stephenson/1982), A Chip of Glass Ruby (TV)(Ross Devenish/1982), Go for the Gold (Stuart F. Fleming/1984), City of Blood (Darrell James Roodt/1987).


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