More Mysteries of Love

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More Mysteries of Love, a Glass Theatre production written and directed by Chris Pretorius and performed at the Baxter Theatre Studio in 1981. It is the sad and comical story of an explorer who pursues his runaway lover to the dark and unfriendly continent of Africa.

The cast: Marthinus Basson (Man/Western Civilisation/Reason), Marié Human (Woman/The Dark Continent/The Subconscious), Laurens Cilliers (The Revolutionary Element/Misdirected Resistance). Others who were involved in the production were Birrie le Roux, Ena Heese, Heather McDermott, John Nankin, Jessie Proctor, Joko Scott, Thys van Zyl. Stage manager Carole Bloch.


Barrow, Brian & Williams-Short, Yvonne 1988.

More Mysteries of Love pamphlet.

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