Miss Clara

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Miss Clara (fl 1860s-1870s) was a dancer and performer


Contribution to SA theatre, film, media and/or performance

She was a member of J.H. le Roy's new company for his "Fifth Cape Town Season" in the Theatre Royal (September 1867- August 1868). She probably appeared in supporting roles in the various plays (she is specifically mentioned as appearing as "Columbine" in the pantomime Harlequin Prince Perseus, or The Maid and the Monster, played 26-30 December, 1868), but most frequently mentioned as a solo dancer of interludes.

She made her first appearance on the opening night (25 September) with a Pas de Variation, followed by a series of solo appearances over the course of the season, dancing virtually every evening. The dances were often simply billed as "A Dance", but on occasion it was also referred to more creatively as "A Fancy Dance" (3 and 7 October for example), a "Grand Pas Seul" (21 and 24 October, 2 and 11 November), a "Pas Seul" (28 October, 25 and 28 November, 2 December, 16 December), "Grand Scarf, Pas Seul" (4 November), "Pas de Fleurs" (18 and 21 November), and so on. This continued in 1868 till the Theatre Royal burnt down on 16 January,after which the company moved to the less accommodating Commercial Exchange as venue and she is not mentioned again.


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