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Megan Choritz (19*-). Actress, playwright, director, reviewer and blogger. ** Also known by her married name Megan Furniss.

Contribution to South African theatre, film, media and performance

Owner of a theatre company called Improvision, she creates, writes and directs Industrial theatre and runs corporate workshops, teaching the skills of improvisation to business people.

In 2007 she began a blog called Megan's Head, in which she reviews plays and performances, and also comments on general matters theatrical and otherwise.

As an actress

Performs TheatreSports with Improguise.

In January 2007, after seeing a particularly shocking production, she began an online review blog called Megan's Head.

As playwright

She writes plays, sometimes alone and sometimes with collaborators (e.g. Graham Weir or Robert Hobbs).

Single authored works include: The Tent, Drive With Me, The Terrified Tokoloshe, The Deep Red Sea, Song and Dance .

Co-authored works include Walking Joe (2001), Noah (Artscape, 2005 (Co-author Graham Weir), The Rhino Woman with Melinda Ferguson (1993),

As director

Songs of Hangings (**), Redemptions (Graham Weir, 2006)

Awards, etc.

IGI Life Pick of the Windybrow Arts Festival Award, award year 1993: Choritz, Megan : `The Rhino Woman' (most original production).

Fleur du Cap for innovation in theatre and the People's Choice award for TheatreSports, 2009.


Various entries in the NELM catalogue.

Sunday Independent, 15 March 2009.

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