Marlene Winberg

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Marlene Winberg (19**-). Artist, storyteller, writer.


Born in Cape Town. She wrote My Eland's heart: a collection of stories and art published in 2003.


Marlene has a degree in speech and drama as well as a MA in Fine Art (2011) both from the University of Cape Town.

Contribution to SA theatre, film, media and/or performance

She co-directed 1789 at the Grahamstown Festival in 1981.

She has appeared on stage in productions of The Government Inspector (CAPAB 1980), Framed (Baxter 1982), Knickerbocker Knockabout (CAPAB 1983), On the Razzle (CAPAB 1983), Why Strelitzias Can't Fly (CAPAB 1983).


Theatre programmes of the various productions.

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