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Elizabeth Wilman (b. 30/06/1931) was a continuity person. Also credited as Elizabeth Willman and Liz Maartens.


Elizabeth East Wilman was the daughter of Phyllis Bridger and Herbert Wilman, who seems to have been a farmer. When, at the age of 20, she travelled to Great Britain, her profession was already given as “film technician”. Between 1952 and 1965, she handled continuity on a number of feature films produced for African Film Productions, working for directors such as Pierre de Wet, Bladon Peake and David Millin. After her marriage to wildlife cameraman Henk Maartens (1932-2002), they often worked together, notably on Rulers of the Kalahari (1969), a programme on the Bushmen in an American television series called Wild Kingdom, on which she was one of the associate producers and he contributed the wildlife photography. In 1970 the couple won a number of Emmy Awards for their work on the Wild Kingdom series. Other wildlife programme with which they achieved success were Life Among the Baboons (1978) and Tlou (1982), both shown by the SABC.



1952 – Altyd in my Drome (Director: Pierre de Wet), 1953 – Inspan (Director: Bladon Peake), 1955 – Vadertjie Langbeen (Director: Pierre de Wet), 1955 – Matieland! (Director: Pierre de Wet), 1956 – By an African Campfire (British television series) (Episode: Rogue Elephant) (Director: Darcy Conyers), 1957 – Donker Afrika (Director: David Millin), 1965 – Ride the High Wind / African Gold (Director: David Millin).


1958 – Diamond Safari (assistant to producer) (Director: Gerald Meyer), 1969 – Rulers of the Kalahari (associate producer with Richard Reinauer & Warren Garst) (Director: Don Meier).



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