Lindie Stander

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Lindie Stander (19*-). Actress, writer and stand-up comedienne.


She studied drama at the Stellenbosch University Drama Department.

Contribution to SA theatre, film, media and/or performance

As a student she appeared in Pinocchio (circa 1994), Barcodes (1997) and Die Vryerige Spook (1998). Other productions include Grensgeval (2000), Bees (2000), Naelstring ('n band tussen twee teaterstrominge), Tip (as Didi, 2002), Bok-bok staan styf (Malan Steyn, KKNK, 2002) and Die Van Aardes van Grootoor (2004).

Lindie has also made her name as a stand-up comedienne, notably for shows such as Man-alleen (Stander/Hauptfleisch, 2003), Vingeralleen (Stander/Hauptfleisch, 2004), Tien teen een weer alleen (Stander/Hauptfleisch, 2005).

TV work included a time as the presenter of a programme on KykNet, and with roles in Binnelanders.

Awards, etc.

She won the "Most promising student" Fleur du Cap awarded in February 1999.


Die Burger, 27 February 1999.

Theatre programmes of various productions.

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TVSSA [2].

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