Lewis Sowden

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Lewis Sowden (1905-1974). Journalist, critic, dramatist, novelist and poet.


Lewis was married to Dora Sowden. They left South Africa for Israel in 1966. He died there in 1974.

Contribution to SA theatre, film, media and/or performance

Sowden was a highly respected theatre critic for Rand Daily Mail in 1940-1960s.

As a theatre critic and historian wrote Both Sides of the Mask; The World of Muriel Alexander (1964).

As a playwright he is best known for the highly successful The Kimberley Train (written and performed in 1958, published in 1976), a play on miscegenation and the tragedy of characters to “trying for white” under the apartheid laws. Other plays include: The Fugitives (1934), The Man in Checks (1935), Red Rand (1937), The Gold Earth (1944) and Contact Five (1945).


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