Lawrence Folley

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FOLLEY, Lawrence (1928-2007). Baritone operatic singer and musical performer. Born and went to school in Benoni, studied singing at **. Went to England and made a name for himself at Saddler’s Wells before returning to South Africa in 19**. He joined PACT Opera in 19** and became one of their leading singers. Over the years has appeared in a number of musicals, including Percy Baneshik’s Eureka, with score by Bertha Egnos, and direction by Anthony Farmer. It opened at the Civic Theatre in March 1967 and also starred Pat Lancaster. He starred in Kismet, the first PACT musical to be staged together with Gé Korsten, Barbara Veenemans, Kerry Jordan and Iris Chapple at the Civic in late 1973. It was directed by Anthony Farmer who also designed the sets and Neels Hansen did costumes. He starred in David Matheson’s production of The Great Waltz with choreography by Geoffrey Sutherland which opened at the State Theatre in 1987.

He retired in 1993 and moved abroad to be close to his daughters and grandchildren.


Tucker, 1997.

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