La Vénus Hottentote; ou Haine aux Françaises

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La Vénus Hottentote; ou Haine aux Françaises ("The Hottentot Venus, or hatred of French women") is a French vaudeville in one act by Emmanuel Théaulon (1787-1841)[1], Armand d'Artois (1788-1867)[2] and Nicolas Brazier (1783-1838)[3].

Also referred to simply as La Vénus Hottentote.

For more on the topic of the "Hottentot Venus", see also the entries on Sara Baartman or the "Hottentot Venus".

The original text

A one-act vaudeville with sixteen scenes, the piece was written in 1813-1814, the time when Sarah Baartman was being displayed as a freak in Paris, has as central plot a young aristocrat's sisillusion with French women, and his desire to find a truly exotic woman, like the Hottentot Venus.

The piece was first performed in the Théâtre du Vaudeville on Paris on 19 November, 1814 and again on 4 January, 1815. It appears to have been used in conjunction with other short pieces in most cases.

Copy of the published text (with names of original actors) is held by the Bibliotéque Nationale in Paris (and a photocopy thereof is to be viewed in the Johannesburg Public Libary).

Translations and adaptations

Performance history in South Africa


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