Julie Barker

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Julie Barker is a performer and writer.


Contribution to SA theatre, film, media and/or performance

Die Koup-Jy Ms Allaaiens Kompetisie - 'n Kabaret? written by Julie Barker, University of Cape Town at Kampustoneel in 1992 written by Julie Barker, music by Godfrey Johnson and Hein Lottering, Claire Watling.

Published by Nas Bib, The Cleansing of the Temple.  Done by The Performance Initiative, 1997. At Klein Karoo Nasionale Festival, Clara Khumalo in A1 Theatre Company's Sweet Pham-Bham, Liliom Julie, a young woman who works as a maid and their child Julie. Johannesburg in May with Leon Gluckman as "Liliom", Molly Seftel as "Julie". Other members of the cast include Maureen Chanani, Noreen Sterling

Awards, etc


Pretoria News, 15 April 1992.

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