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John Peter Acland Bischoff (1874-1936) was a South African citizen and possibly a playwright.

Also found as John Peter Ackland Bischoff, Johan Peter Ackland Bischoff, Johann Peter Acland Bischoff, and possibly as J.P. Acland Bischoff


There is record[1] of a Johan Peter Ackland Bischoff born on 26 July, 1874, one of the nine children of a Danish-born immigrant, referred to as Johnny Bischoff (i.e. Johan or Johannes).

Another website records a John Peter Ackland Bischoff (also Johan Peter Ackland Bischoff) who married a Hazel Gladys de Buys in the Transvaal on 2 July, 1924[2].

The German genealogical site (Die Maus: Gesellschaft für Familienforschung e.V. Bremen)[3], has his names as Johann Peter Acland Bischoff and gives his dates as: "born 26.07.1874 South Africa and died 1936, also in South Africa? Married to , [I6895], spouse Hazel Gladys, 1 son Ivan"

Contribution to South African theatre, film, media and performance

A J.P. Acland Bischoff is said by some sources to have been the author of a play called Jannie Kortbroek (performed 1916), a social satire, written in the style of Stephen Black.


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