Johan Blignaut

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BLIGNAUT, Johan (1953-1997). South African actor and filmmaker. Began his career as an actor, later working in community theatre in the Coloured townships. Co-developed a media database Showdata. Started making Afrikaans feature films in 1986. Committed suicide at the age of 44 years.

Film credits include: Writer, producer and director of Mamza (1985); Writer, producer and director of Tojan (1986); Writer and producer of Die Posman (1987); Producer of Davey (1987); Executive producer of The Native Who Caused All the Trouble (1989); Producer of Absent Without Leave (1990). Co-author, with Martin Botha, of Movies, Moguls and Mavericks: a Study of South African Cinema 1979-1991, published by Showdata (1992).