Jimmy Asser

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Jimmy Asser was an actor.


Born in England, he was on stage since he was five years old. This led to a promising career in legitimate and variety theatre in England, but his career was interrupted by World War II, for which he volunteered.

After being invalidated out in 1941, he became a drama teacher for the London County Council and produced many successful children's shows.

Contribution to South African theatre, film, media and performance

He came to South Arica in the 1960s to work for the National Theatre Organisation (NTO), appearing in a number of plays, including The Amorous Prawn (as "Private Albert Huggins", at the Alexander Theatre, 1961), The King of Diamonds (1961),


The King of Diamonds theatre programme, NTO, 1961.

Alexander Theatre program of the run of The Amorous Prawn in September 1961, no. 154.

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