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Jeannette James (19**-) Actress. Also credited as Jeanette James in some sources.


Jeannette was born in Birmingham, England.


She was trained at the Birmingham School of Drama. She also studied singing in London.


She appeared in many plays, musicals and revues in London's West End.

Contribution to SA theatre, film, media and/or performance

She has played leading roles in shows such as Stepping Out, Lock Up Your Daughters, The Boy Friend, Shut Your Eyes and Think of England, Little Mary Sunshine and I, Anastasia.

Quoted from the Hair Hair programme notes in 1970(???) wherein she featured: 'Jeanette James was one of the original members of the successful Wait a Minim show, and played in both South African and London productions. Has played leading parts in many musical shows including Adam Leslie's Music Hall Revue. Latest role was in Not Now Darling at the Academy Theatre. Appears regularly in Adam's popular Mini-Luncherama cabaret.'

Starred in Joan Brickhill and Louis Burke’s The Minstrel Scandals for ACT (1966).

Awards, etc


SACD 1973; 1974.

Hair Hair programme notes, 1970 (??).

Stepping Out programme notes, 1985.

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