J.P. de Rosnay

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J.P. de Rosnay is an English, drama and theatre studies teacher, playwright, proofreader, editor and painter.

Also known as Jean Pierre de Rosnay, Jean-Pierre de Rosnay and J-P de Rosnay.


Born Jean Pierre de Rosnay

He studied at Stellenbosch University, completing a BA degree om English and Drama and an BA Honours degree in English (1997-2000). After finishing he went to the United Kingdom where he began working as a teacher and in 2009 joined Oxford University Press as proofreader, setter and editor (just over 12 years), and in 2020 he moved became a proofreader and typesetter at Forum for Access and Continuing Education, Woodstock, England.

He has also branched out as a painter. For this aspect of his life see the website https://www.jpderosnay.com/

Contribution to SA theatre, film, media and/or performance

While studying drama he also took a course in playwriting. One of the texts he wrote and saw performed was called Hamlet, Calm the Fuck Down!.

During his senior years he worked a contributor to ESAT




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