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(1951-) Afrikaans musician, singer, playwright and performer. Born Johannes Hendrik du Toit on 13 Desember 1951 in Heidelberg, Transvaal.

Completed legal studies at the Rand Afrikaans University, then became a professional musician, while practicing as a lawyer. In the 1970’s he made a name as folk musician and singer with the group Trilogie, and in the 1980s he wrote some stage musicals, did cabaret and wrote songs. Later also worked for the University of Pretoria and for PACT as organizer of light music. In this time he played an important role as organiser of the influential and popular weekly PACT programme, Kerslig, Vers en Melodie ("Candle light, verse and melody" - 1988 to 1992). He worked closely with Christa Steyn for many years, producing variety shows and cabarets. They were also involved with the ATKV projects for popular music and judges for various music competitions. Also very active in promoting Afrikaans songs and music on the internationals stage.

Musicals written

He wrote a number of musical plays for the University of Pretoria when he was working there. He performed in most of them. These include:

1983 With Anna Neethling-Pohl, co-writes the stage text for a musical version of C.J. Langenhoven's novella Loeloeraai. (1923)

1984 Writes a musical Gansdans ("Goose dance")

1987 Writes RIP, which was his last musical for the University.

Stage productions

2003: Musical theatre piece called Hande innie as (lit "Hands in the ash"), by Alexa Strachan, directed by Sandra Prinsloo.

2004, KKNK: Nagkantoor ("Night Office"), a play about the Afrikaans journalist and singer-composer, Koos du Plessis. Text by P.G. du Plessis en Carl Theunissen, directed by Sandra Prinsloo, with Christa Steyn, Frantz Dobrowsky, Marcel van Heerden, Charlene Truter, Yolandé Strauss, Mauritz Lotz, Matthys Maree en Susan Mouton.

In November/Desember 2006 he participated in Die Rooi Lorrie ("The Red Truck") , with Carel Trichardt, Petru Wessels, Ruco Pretorius and a vocal ensemble, en ‘n vokale ensemble.

In May-June 2008 he played one of the leads in Houtkruis - Die Musical ("Wooden Cross - The Musical") in the Opera of the State Theatre, Pretoria.

In 2011-2012 he appeared in Onderweg ("On the way"), a special stage show based on his autobiography, which highlighted his role in SA music over the course of 40 years, with a stage text by P.G. du Plessis and directed by Emma Bekker.


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