Jacobowsky and the Colonel

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Jacobowsky and the Colonel a play about wandering Jewry in the setting provided by France in 1940, by Franz Werfel and S.N. Behrman.

The original text

Published by The Viking Press, 1944.

Translations and adaptations

Me and the Colonel is a 1958 film based on the play Jacobowsky und der Oberst by Franz Werfel. It was directed by Peter Glenville and stars Danny Kaye, Curt Jürgens and Nicole Maurey [1].

Performance history in South Africa

1946: Hofmeyr Hall, Cape Town, December 1946. Presented by the Theatre Players, produced by Cyril Chosack. The cast: Lew Fagin, Frank Wienburg, Joyce Murcott, Dan Bosman, Geraldine Jordi.

1947: Library Theatre, Johannesburg Repertory Society, produced by David Goldblatt, assisted by Else Orkin, with Geoffrey Allen and Maurice Horwitz, 1947.


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