J. Russouw Blanckenberg

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J. Russouw Blanckenberg (fl 1860s) was an amateur actor and singer

Also found as J. R. Blanckenberg, Russouw Blanckenberg or R. Blanckenberg.


He seems to have been a Cape Town resident and amateur singer and performer. Particularly mentioned as being adept at "character singing".

Contribution to SA theatre, film, media and/or performance

1868: He was part of a cast of amateurs used by the Le Roy and Duret company on 14 May 1868 for a programme that consisted of The Lady and the Devil (Clarence), act 3 of The Octoroon (Boucicault) and A Comical Countess (Brough). Specifically mentioned as singing an interlude as "Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte".

He is also mentioned in connection with the activities of the Young Men's Institute (Y.M.I.), for which he is mentioned as giving occasional lectures, often accompanied by musical entertainment by the Amateur Coloured Troupe and other Christy-style entertainers, possibly also Blanckenburg himself.


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