J.G. Tredoux

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There are two people by this name who were involved in 19th century South African theatre:

J.G. Tredoux Snr

(17**-18**) A French immigrant and General Agent in Cape Town, who played an important role in the founding of the early French and Dutch theatre from 1806 onwards. Between 1806 and 1809, he appears to have been the stage manager/director for the French Company, and from 1809 till at least 1826 leader and stage manager/director for the Dutch company Tot Nut en Vermaak (1809-1826), and briefly the founding leader and stage manager/director of the Cape Town based Dutch company Door Yver Vruchtbaar (1826-1827). He also worked with J. Suasso de Lima to establish a children's theatre company Tot Oefening en Smaak (1825-1826), (though the company was nominally led by his son J.G. Tredoux Jr). Ticket sales were also often at his at his offices at 4 Keeromstraat.


See Bosman, 1928: pp. 57, 233-4,251-257. Du Toit, 1988

J.G. Tredoux "de Jonge" (Jnr)

(18*-18*) Son of J.G. Tredoux Snr, he was nominally the founder and leader of the children's theatre company Tot Oefening en Smaak (1825-1826), when he was only 9 years old. He was helped in this by his father and the teacher and playwright Joseph Suasso de Lima. (Bosman has him as J.J. Tredoux on p269, where he quotes an announcement in the Kaapsche Courant of 19 August 1825, but otherwise has the name as J.G. Tredoux)


See Bosman, 1928: pp 256, 269

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