J.F. van Oordt

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J.F. van Oordt (1856-1918) was a teacher, novelist and playwright.

Born Johan Frederik van Oordt in Cape Town on 20 November 1856, the son of the newspaper editor and classicist J.W.G van Oordt and Susanna Changuion, a daughter of the linguist A.N.E. Changuion, and spent his school years in the Netherlands. Rrturing, he became a teacher in various places, and began writing. He died in Somerset-West on 6 September, 1918.

He wrote numerous influential historical novels in Dutch and Afrikaans under the pseudonym D'Arbez ("Zebra" inverted) and two less important plays under the pseudonym Nemo. The plays were Di Koekdief (or De Koekdief, 1904, later published as Die Koekdief, 1921) and De Erftante (1918).