Interim Cape Theatre Board

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The Interim Cape Theatre Board (ICTB) was appointed by the Minister of Education, Arts and Science after the NTO Advisory Board was dissolved on 11 June 1962, and met for the first time on 21 June 1962 in Cape Town. It was chaired by Prof W.J. du P. Erlank. The Afrikaans designation was to be Tussentydse Kaaplandse Toneelraad and its acting company was generally known as Cape Regional Theatre or Kaapse Streektoneel. Prof Fred Engelen was appointed Regional and Artistic Director. The last meeting of the ICTB was on 24 April 1963.

The first permanent members of the company were Tine Balder, Estelle Kohler, Alec Bell, Morné Coetzer and Patrick Mynhardt. Emile Aucamp and Jannie Lindeque were appointed as technicians.


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