I Turned Away and She Was Gone

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I Turned Away and She Was Gone is a one-woman piece created by Jennie Reznek.

The original text

In a reworking of the Demeter-Persephone story, the play explores the passage of time and the cycles of life of three generations of women – mother, daughter, grandmother - and the relationship we all have with our past, present and future selves.


2015: First performed at Magnet Theatre in Observatory, Cape Town from 18 February until 14 March by Jennie Reznek, directed by Mark Fleishman, with designs by Craig Leo , choreography by Ina Wichterich, original music by Neo Muyanga, voice Coaching by Liz Mills and videography by Sanjin Muftic.

2016: Performed again from 17 February until 12 March at Magnet Theatre in Observatory, Cape Town, with the same creative team.


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