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The federation


The International Federation for Theatre Research (IFTR/FIRT) exists to facilitate communication and exchange between scholars of theatre and performance research throughout the world through its conference events and publishing activities. Founded in 1957, the Federation currently boasts members from 44 countries and from all continents. It holds annual international conferences, regional conferences, and research working group symposia. It owns a leading international journal (Theatre Research International) and publishes two major book series in collaboration with Palgrave Macmillan and Rodopi.

The Federation is affiliated with SIBMAS

Constitutional aims

To organise international conferences and symposia.

To establish working groups for specific research projects.

To assist memberes to obtain grants for their work from foundations, trusts, and other grant-making bodies.

To assist in organising societies for theatre research.

To submit to the authorities of all countries the desirability of creating and maintaining courses, institutes and chairs of theatre research.

To publish the work of its members in peer-reviewed books series and a major international journal.

South African connection

A number of South African have belonged to it over the years, with Temple Hauptfleisch becoming the first South African member of the executive (1997-2005) and Gay Morris the second (2006-15). In 2007 it held its Annual Conference in Stellenbosch, hosted by the Centre for Theatre and Performance Studies and the University of Stellenbosch Drama Department. The theme was “Theatre in Africa, Africa in the Theatre”.

Temple Hauptfleisch was a founding member of the Working Group on African Theatre and Performance


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