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Holger Petersen (b. Nykøbing Falster, Maribo, Denmark, **/**/1890 - d. **/**/****) was an actor.


Even though between 1916 and 1919 Holger Petersen acted in no fewer than ten films for African Film Productions, not all that much is known about him. Born in Denmark, he seems to have come to South Africa in 1912 as a mining contractor, but eventually found his way into the film industry. Initially he played supporting roles, but in Copper Mask he had the title role as the highwayman who falls in love with Adele Fillis. In June 1919, shortly after that film’s release, it was announced that he had joined Norman H. Lee’s Rand School of Cinema Acting, but August saw the opening of his own School of Cinema Acting and Dramatic Art. An advert in the Rand Daily Mail announced that he had severed his connection with Lee’s venture and was now operating independently. This was in addition to an already functioning riding school. Holger Petersen Film Production produced a short entitled A Day with the Rand Hunt Club (1920) that was released in March, but like Lee before him, he could not make a go of the school and the overwhelming monopoly of African Film Productions stymied any production ambitions he might have had. It is not known what became of him or even whether he stayed in the film industry, though in October 1920 it was announced that while the Acting Consul of Denmark was away in Durban, Mr. Holger Petersen would be in attendance. (FO)


A Zulu’s Devotion (Lorimer Johnston/1916), The Splendid Waster (Lorimer Johnston/1916), Gloria (Lorimer Johnston/1916), De Voortrekkers (Harold M. Shaw//1916), And Then--- (Dick Cruikshanks & Joseph Albrecht/1917), The Piccanin’s Christmas (Dick Cruikshanks & Joseph Albrecht/1917), The Symbol of Sacrifice (Dick Cruikshanks/1918), Bond and Word (Dick Cruikshanks/1918), Copper Mask (Joseph Albrecht/1919), Fallen Leaves (Dick Cruikshanks/1919), Virtue in the City (Norman H. Lee/1920).


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