Hoër Meisieskool Oranje

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The Hoër Meisieskool Oranje ("Orange Girls High School") is a high school for girls in Bloemfontein, founded in 1907 by President M.T. Steyn.

Originally known as the Christelike en Nasionale Sekondêre Meisieskool Oranje, it has a long tradition of drama production, with the dynamic headmistress Magriet Spies[1] being a a particularly important influence from the 1960s onwards. She not only inspired the drama activities, but directed a number of plays herself.

The school has produced a number of theatre personalities, including: Christine Basson (matriculated 1959), Karina Hauptfleisch (Bekker, 1962), Saartjie Botha, Reza de Wet, Elsa Lamb, Naòmi Morgan, Isabella Mostert, Mariechen Naudé, Paddy Norval, Leonora Raath (1988), Lydia Theron, Hanlie van Niekerk (1945), Dulcie van den Berg (Smit, 1946), Clarabelle van Niekerk (1969), Isabella Mostert (1980), Heléne Lombard (1986), Saartjie Botha (1990), Martelize Kolver (1991), Hanlé Barnard (1994), Lulu Botha (1997), Ann Hirsch (2002), Hillétje Bashew (Möller, 2002), Schoemé Grobler (2011), Loané van Sandwyk (2011) Anika du Toit (2011).

See the website at https://oranjemeisies.co.za/kultuur/drama/




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