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Historic Record is a short documentary film by the Bureau of Information about South African troops involved in the battle of Sidi Rezegh in November 1941.

Screening Details

Running Time: 10 min. (Black and White) / Copyright Date: not given / Release date: 1942 / Language: English / Genre: Documentary

Synopsis & Context

In November 1941, South African troops were involved in the battle of Sidi Rezegh. With them was Errol Hinds, then a staff cameraman with the Bureau of Information. He had followed the 1st South African Division from Egypt to Libya, photographing a variety of activities, including some battle scenes. When it looked as though the South African lines would be overrun, he had the foresight to bury the film canisters and his diary near a beacon in the desert. In this he was assisted by a medical orderly and both men were taken to Benghazi as prisoners-of-war. Before he was sent on to Italy, Hinds had the opportunity to inform a Major Boardman of what had happened and when Benghazi was liberated, Boardman located the medical orderly and the buried films were retrieved. The material was developed and edited into a short introduced by A.N. Wilson, the Director of the Bureau of Information. It includes footage of a Stuka being shot down by allied aircraft, vehicle repairs, anti-tank gunners and prisoners being rounded up, as well as a shot of Generals George Brink and Dan Pienaar.


Production Company: Bureau of Information / Introduction: A.N. Wilson / Cameraman: Errol Hinds


The Forum, 21 March 1942


(Note: The film itself can be watched at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8uaiVhju-Qc)

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