Het Geheim

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Het Geheim ("The Secret") is a Dutch title that appears to have been given to many plays, of which a number have been performed in South Africa. They are often translations from the French, Italian, German or English.

See the entries on Le Secret, Das Geheimnis, The Secret, and so on. There is at times some confusion about exact text being used for a production, for the works seem to be somewhat interwoven.

Dutch plays called Het Geheim

Het Geheim by Hoffman and Solié (tr. Geysbeek)

A one act Dutch version of Le Secret, a French one-act opéra by François Benoît Hoffman (1760–1828) and Jean-Pierre Solié (1755- 1812).

See Le Secret

Het Geheim by Christian August Vulpius (tr. Anon.)

A Dutch translation of Das Geheimnis, a German play in 5 acts by Christian August Vulpius (1762 – 1827).

See Das Geheimnis

Het Geheim by Fournier and Arnould (Tr. A.H. de Bruine)

A Dutch version of Un Secret, a French drama in three acts by Narcisse Fournier and Auguste Jean François Arnould.

See Un Secret

Het Geheim van Mevrouw by Moreau and Dumolard (Tr. "J.R.")

A Dutch version of Le Secret de Madame ("The secret of madame") by Charles Francois Jean Baptiste Moreau (1783-1832)[1] and Henri-François Dumolard (1771–1845)[2]

See Le Secret de Madame

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