Henri Ten Brink

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Henri ten Brink (b. Amsterdam, 20/05/1856 – d. Pretoria, 08/11/1920) was a musician, composer and teacher.


Dutch-born Henri (Henry) ten Brink came to South Africa in 1896. He settled in Pretoria and proceeded to take an active part in the cultural life of the Transvaal. He was an accomplished pianist and violinist, taught these instruments at the Pretoria High School for Girls, and also conducted the local Dutch male choir. He composed chamber music, as well as a number of patriotic works, notably Afscheid van de Voortrekkers/The Voortrekkers’ Farewell and the Unie-Kantate/Union Cantata, with a libretto by the poet Jan F.E. Celliers. The latter was produced for the first (and for many years only) time on 13 December 1910 at the Opera House in Pretoria. In addition he was responsible for the musical score accompanying Harold M. Shaw’s silent epic De Voortrekkers (1916). (FO)


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