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There are a number of books, plays and films by this name, quite few of them based on Handy Andy: A Tale of Irish Life[1], the 1842 Irish comic novel by Samuel Lover (1797-1868)[2].

Handy Andy a 1862 stage play by H.W. Montgomery or W.R Floyd

A stage adaptation in two acts of Lover's novel, which was first performed in America at Wallack's Theatre, New York in 1862 and subsequently at The Winter Garden and the Brooklyn Academy of Music in July of 1863.

The text of the adaptation is credited to one of two people in the sources, either to an "H.W. Montgomery" or to a "W.R. Floyd". In his entry on the author Samuel Lover in the 1940 edition of The Cambridge Bibliography of English Literature (p.407)[3], F.W. Bateson ascribes the adaptation used in the American production of 1862 to H.W. Montgomery and clearly states that the play was based on the novel.

However, the published text[4] of Handy Andy by the Dramatic Publishing Company (New York and Chicago) lists the same production date and venue, but ascribes the adaptation to by W.R Floyd and making no mention is of Lover's novel as a source for the dramatic work.

Adaptations and translations

A film version was made in 1921 (see below)

Performances in South Africa

1878: Performed by the Colonial Amateur Minstrels and Sutton Vane in the Mutual Hall, Cape Town on 8 August, with Our Carpet Bag (Anon.)

Handy Andy - a 1921 British film

Samuel Lover's novel Handy Andy: A Tale of Irish Life (or perhaps Montgomery's stage version) was adapted for film by Eliot Stannard and filmed by the Ideal Film Company in Britain and released in 1921, directed by Bert Wynne (1889-1971)[5].

Handy Andy a 1923 stage play by Charles Ascott

The typescript of a work by this name is listed in the USA[6] as a "farce-comedy playlet" in one act, said to be based on Samuel Lover's "Handy Andy" stories, with the copyright date given as May 24, 1923.

Handy Andy - a 1934 American film

An American film based on the stage play Merry Andrew by Lewis Beach (), produced by Fox and released in 1934, the film featured comedian Will Rogers in the lead. Directed by David Butler, with music and lyrics by Richard Whiting and William Conselman.

Handy Andy - a 2016 stage play by Mike Mecek

Action comedy for young actors first developed and performed in 2016-7, with readings by PEACE Productions and the American Theatre Group of Strasbourg (2016) and TUFC (Théâtre Universitaire de Franche Comté), 2017. Performed University, TUFC (Théâtre Universitaire de Franche-Comté) and Le Petit Théâtre de la Bouloie (2018)




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