Haar grootste offer

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("Her greatest offering/sacrifice" - Afrikaans)

by D. Williams

A religious didactic play about **. First performed by * in 19*. Unpublished. [See below Haar grootste offer by Trienie Meij-Louw. Is this the same play? **?]

by Trienie Meij-Louw

Play in three acts. Based on the Biblical story of the prodigal son, but contemporised to take place in Cape Town in the fifties, telling the story of Sonstraal, a young medical student, who is alienated from her family, runs away with her inheritance only to return and beg for forgiveness from her family. Performed with six young people from the Dutch Reformed Missionary Church in Wolseley, directed by Johanna Africa in the late 1960s. This performance of the play indirectly led to the forming of Môrester Amateur Toneelgroep (MAT). (January, 1997: 24-25, 35-36)

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