Goodbye Kiss

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Goodbye Kiss is a play by Ronald Harwood, part of a double bill with Guests, about the South African diaspora.

Original text

A copy of the text is held by NELM: [Collection: MANIM, Mannie]: 2005. 11. 1. 132.

Performance history

No evidence was found of a South African production.

According to material held by NELM, Mannie Manim lit a production (in a double bill with Guests) at the Broomhill Opera House in London in 2000. The set was designed by Liz Cooke. Denise Newman was in the cast.

2000: The double bill Goodbye Kiss and Guests performed at the Orange Tree Theatre, London, with Denise Newman and others. Lighting by Mannie Manim and set was designed by Liz Cooke

Performed as The Guests at the Broomhill Opera House in London 27 April - 3 June by A Million Freds Productions, directed by Joe Marston, 20**?:


Material held by NELM: [Collection: MANIM, Mannie]: 2010. 38. 9. 2. 121. 9.

Cape Times, 19 August 2005 (with reference to Denise Newman's role).

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