George Greig

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George Greig (1800-) was an entrepreneur, general dealer, merchant and wholesaler, a stationer, bookseller, printer, bookbinder and publisher in Cape Town.

He is perhaps best known for his role in the publication of the first commercial newspaper and the subsequent struggle for freedom of the press in the Cape Colony.

Born in Pentonville, Scotland, he arrived in Cape Town on 9 March 1823 and set up as an entrepreneur, opening a general dealership at No.1 Longmarket Street, selling household items, groceries, stationary and books. He later began a "Stationary Warehouse" and a publishing house at 7 Keizersgracht, Cape Town, and would publish a number of influential journals and newspapers, most notably the South African Journal, and the South African Commercial Advertiser.

In 1830 he also published a set of English-Dutch lessons for use in the Cape Colony.

In 1847 he seems to have retired from publishing, selling his publishing and printing business to his then partner, Saul Solomon, and the latter's brother, Henry Solomon. It became known as Saul Solomon & Co.


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