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Forget-me-Not is a comic drama by Herman Charles Merivale (1839-1906)[1] and Florence Crauford Grove (1832-1902)[2].

Also found without the hyphens, as Forget Me Not

Not to be confused with a number of other plays with similar names, e.g. Forget Me Not[3] by Tom Holloway, Forget-me-not Lane[4] by Peter Nichols and Forget Me Not by the organization African Americans Against Alzheimer’s[5]

The original text

Written in the style of a French drawing-room drama, the play opened at the Lyceum Theatre, London, on 21 August, 1879, produced and performed in by the American born actress Genevieve Ward (1837-1922)[6]. In many ways this particular play would truly launch Ward's illustrious career in Britain. She toured it widely over the years, appearing in several English-speaking countries, including South Africa.

Translations and adaptations

Adapted as a silent film drama by the World Film Company in 1917, directed by Emile Chautard and starring Kitty Gordon. The film has since been lost.

Performance history in South Africa

1884: Performed in the Theatre Royal, Cape Town, by Henry Harper and his company, as part of his season in the venue. H.C. Sydney played "Sir Horace Welby".

1891: Performed as part of a season of plays put on in the Vaudeville Theatre, Cape Town, by a newly founded scratch company. In this production, "Stephanie de Morivart" was performed by Lilla Wilde.

1891: Genevieve Ward and W.H. Vernon performed in this play as part of a season of 26 plays (1891-1892) with which they toured South Africa under the auspices of Luscombe Searelle. As usual, Miss Ward played her signature role of "Stephanie de Morivart" and the sets were painted by Arthur Elliott, the famed photographer. The Cape Town presentation of the play opened in the Exhibition Theatre on 8 December 1891.


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