Floris J. G. Van der Merwe

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Floris J. G. Van der Merwe (1951-) is a researcher and author of publications on sports history.


Born Floris Johannes Gerhardus van der Merwe on 5 January 1951 in Cape Town and grew up mainly in the Strand, where he attended Lochnerhof Laerskool and Strand Hoërskool. He studied at Stellenbosch from 1970-1974 (BA Phys.Ed., B. Hons. Phys.Ed., Teaching Diploma) and at Potchefstroom University from 1975-1978 (MA, D.Phil) and again at Stellenbosch during 1985-1986 (MA History). He is Professor at the Department of Sport Science, University of Stellenbosch where he has been lecturing at the Sport Science department since January 1979.

Contribution to SA theatre, film, media and/or performance

Of importance to South African theatre and performance research is his studies of the circus tradition in South Africa, among which Frank Fillis: The story of a circus legend, a book was originally published in Afrikaans (2002) by his own publishing company, FJG Publikasies, and then translated into English by Ilse Evertse and published by the same company in 2007 (a second edition appeared in 2012).

In 2012 he published Die Boere-Sirkus van St. Louis (1904) ("The boer circus of St Louis (1904)") in Afrikaans.

Awards, etc


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