Episode on an Autumn Evening

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A one-act play by Friedrich Dürrenmatt. 4m, 2w A bookkeeper makes a crash entry on a novelist. He's noticed that the 21 murder mysteries the novelist is famed for just happen to coincide with 21 unsolved actual murders�and the novelist just happened to be in the vicinity at the time of each murder. The novelist ridicules any connection but admits it would be a quick way of supplying background and details. He points out that he has written not 21 but 22 mysteries. The bookkeeper disposes of that briskly�he did not count the 22nd murder as it was technically a suicide. A new note crept into the talk when the novelist warns that one does not press a murderer

Translations and adaptations

Translated from the German by Gabriel Kaminski. Chicago (no date). ISBN 0871294451

Performance history in South Africa

1970: Lunch Time Theatre presentation by CAPAB directed by Pietro Nolte who also played the major role, 1970.


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