The Late Edwina Black

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The Late Edwina Black is a melodrama by William Dinner and William Morum.

Rather oddly, the names of the authors are also found as "William Dinnie and William Murum" and "William Morrum and William Dinnerr" in some sources.

The original text

Originally published as "Edwina Black: A Drama in Three Acts by William Morum and William Dinner" by Samuel French and "Late Edwina Black: Play (Acting Edition)" by Samuel French, both in 1951. Later published by French once again, now as The Late Edwina Black, the title under which it has generally been performed since.

Translations and adaptations

Adapted as a British film called The Late Edwina Black (in the U.S.A. The Obsessed) in 1951, directed by Maurice Elvey.

Performance history in South Africa

1950: Performed in the Library Theatre, Johannesburg, starring Margery Weston, Royden Hart.

196*: Performed as The Late Edwina Black by the St Luke’s Theatre Guild at St Luke's Hall. Directed by Gus Jansen with a cast that included his wife Mabel Daniels. The stage manager was John Ramsdale.

197*: Performed by the Bloemfontein REPS, directed by Desmond Hughes.


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