Drie Een-bedrywe vir een Aand

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Drie Een-bedrywe vir een Aand ("three one-act plays for one evening") is a collection of three Afrikaans one-act plays by J.F.W. Grosskopf.

The originally bearing the cumbersome full title of Die Peswolk, 'n sprokie. Die Spookhuis, 'n kermisklug. In die Wagkamer, 'n noodlotstuk. Drie een-bedrywe vir een aand, it is usually found as Drie Een-bedrywe vir een Aand, but is often referred to simply as Drie Eenbedrywe ("Three One Act Plays") by sources.

The volume contains

In die Wagkamer,

Die Spookhuis

Die Peswolk

It was first published by Nasionale Pers in 1926, reprinted four times between then and 1937.

Grosskopf was awarded the Hertzog Prize for Drama in 1927 jointly for his full-length play As die Tuig Skawe and this collection.


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