Dramatic Society of the University of the Western Cape

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(DRAMSOC UWC) . A student and staff society founded in 1971?/2/?/3?/4?* [Smith 1990 AND January 1997 have 1972] by lecturer/writer Adam Small and based in the University. Its aim was to use theatre to conscientize people. Prominent members included Peter Braaf, Andries Oliphant, Hein Willemse, Julian Smith, **. Soon it had a distinctly politicised approach, alighning itself with the United Democratic Front (UDF) and dominated by Black Consciousness thinking. The society did the first performances of Small's his own work, including What about de lô (197*), Joanie Galant-hulle (197*), and Kanna hy kô hystoe (197*). They also put on dramatic sketches and premiéred plays by writers such as Andries Oliphant (Die bose oog -197*; Die opstand - 197*; Inkululeko - 197*; and Die oordeel - 197*), and Hein Willemse (****, 197*). In 1973 its existence was disrupted because of student riots, but regrouped between July and September under the guidance of Adam Small as the Cape Flats Players. Many writers and performers had their introduction to theatre with the society and a number of other groups later developed from it, notably the influential Cape Flats Players, which went on to do semi-professional and professional work (See also: Cape Flats Players.) (See Smith, 1990; January, 1997) [TH]

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