Dramatic Society of Worcester

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Dramatic Society of Worcester (DRAMASOC Worcester) was an amateur dramatic society founded by a new teacher, Lloyd Davids in 1986, to focus on drama, art, music and ballet. With a BA Drama (UCT?), Davids directed the company in an Afrikaans version of Athol Fugard’s Boesman and Lena and Adam Small’s Joanie Galant-hulle. Owing to the inspirational multi-cultural inspiration of the De Vlam couple in Worcester, James Dean Belelie is inspired to write three plays for the group, Geld vir Brood, Franscios My Kind and Die Dromer, to address pressing issues the community had to deal with, such as unemployment, poverty, substance abuse, child abuse and negligence. With the Special Police unit to fight anti-government sentiments located in Worcester, it made this an exceedingly dangerous enterprise during the state of emergency in the late 1980s. *


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