Doris Greville

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Doris Greville (fl. early 1900s) was a British actress.


Not much is known about her, but apparently she was the daughter of an Anglican clergyman and spent many years in Bristol. According to The Era she appeared on the stage in Sergeant Brue in 1905 and the following year the Dublin Daily Express called her “a young lady with a charming personality and an excellent voice, who fulfilled her duties admirably in every respect” when she took over a role at short notice in the light opera The Duchess of Dantzic for Sir George Dance’s company (that same year Julius Royston played the part of "Napoleon" in the South African production).

In 1907 she had the part of Agatha in André Messager’s popular Véronique at the King’s Theatre in Dundee and she appears to have been a member of The Magpies, a trio that appeared at various seaside resorts in 1908.

Contribution to South African theatre, film, media and performance

She is known to have been brought out to South Africa in 1909-1910 by the Wheeler-Edwardes Company as a member of the very large New Gaiety Company. They opened their season with a production of Havana at the Opera House, Cape Town, in May, the play then opening in the Opera House, Pretoria on 7 June before taking it to His Majesty’s Theatre in Johannesburg thereafter. The repertoire rest of their repertoire consisted of The Waltz Dream, The King of Cadonia, The Dollar Princess and Our Miss Gibbs.

As a film actress, she took the part of "the Queen" opposite George Taylor in the title role in Isban (1919), Joseph Albrecht’s film version of Isban, or The Mystery of the Great Zimbabwe, the novel by George H. Cossins.



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